Pastor Rudy Abrot

Senior Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church

Rudy Abrot has been married to Rina for 35 years. After attending services through his wife's invitation, he accepted Christ on May of 1984. Rudy Abrot was a businessman for over 16 years. While in business, he was serving as a layman in his church and was involved in various ministries in his local church. After he enrolled in West Coast Baptist College, he became the assistant pastor of a multicultural ministry at Faith Baptist Church in Canoga Park, CA.

While in college, he was led to start a multicultural ministry at Bethel Baptist Church in Torrance, CA. After graduating from West Coast Baptist College, the Abrot family moved down to Torrance and started Bethel Baptist Church of Harbor City on December of 2002. Under his pastorate, the church has grown to an aggressive soul winning and missions-minded church. In just 8 years, God blessed Bethel Baptist Church and enabled them to build a brand new building in Carson, CA, where they are now currently located. Bethel Baptist Church also started a Bethel Baptist Christian School in 2009.

Rudy and Rina Abrot have four children - Rachelle, Joana, RR, and James. They are the proud grandparents of Jade, Rhuel, Rinrose, Renji, Jimmy, Chloe, and Mila.

Church Staff

We are privileged to have these awesome men and women serve at Bethel Baptist Church.

Pastor Rudy Abrot

Senior Pastor

RR Abrot

Assistant Pastor

Steve Labins

School Administrator

James Abrot

Student Ministries

Kate Abrot

Elementary Teacher

Archie Abad

Missions Director

Riejin Fujita

Kindergarten Teacher

Kim Hartzell

Elementary Administrator

Tristan Luna

Outreach Director

Jonah Rana


Jerry White

School Manager

Ralph Yuvienco

Elementary Teacher